Sterling K. Brown Says In Marriage 'You Can't Press The Cruise Control Button'

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The "This Is Us" actor walked the SAG Awards 2019 red carpet with his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe.
Keyaira Boone Jan, 27, 2019

Sterling K. Brown, the most nominated actor at Sunday night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, walked the red carpet with his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe, and of course the This Is Us actor couldn’t help but talk about his marriage to Bathe and what makes it work.

On the red carpet, Brown compared his marriage to the marriage of his character, Randall and his onscreen wife Beth, who are going through challenges.

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“There’s a really wonderful exploration of what it takes for a marriage to work between Randall and Beth,” Brown, who’s nominated three times at the SAG Awards, said about his story line this season on This Is Us.

“Ryan and I know, even the best of marriages you can’t press the cruise control button,” he continued turning towards his wife.

Brown added that having the opportunity to bring the role to life onscreen makes him feel “blessed.”

“To have a role like Randall, man, that just seems to resonate. It resonates in my soul and I think it’s resonated with other people too.”

Brown, who’s been married since 2007, went on to state that marriage “requires constant, vigilant, attention” in order to thrive.

Turns out you might have to put in a little bit more work than expected to reach those #relationshipgoals.