Of course Orange is the New Black star, Laverne Cox looked stunning at the SAG Awards in her champagne colored Johanna Johnson satin gown, but did you see the headband braid atop her blonde ombre hair? We couldnt stop staring, so we asked celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen to tell us the exact steps she used to create the look.

“Laverne and I decided that we wanted to break the rules a bit, said Stephen. “We didn’t want to do the typical up do because she was wearing a gown. We wanted to bring some sex appeal to this elegant gown.”

Well, Laverne couldn’t possibly get any sexier. Here, Stephen breaks down the steps to get the beautiful braided ‘do.

Step 1: Start by spraying the entire head with Motions light working spritz.

Step 2: Using a medium barrel curling iron like the Gold N’ Hot 1″ Curling Iron to create loose curly waves.

Step 3: Taking medium size sections of hair- starting mid shaft wrap the hair around barrel of the iron. This will give the hair a loose curly waves.

Step 4: Next, section top portion of the hair across from eye-to-eye.

Step 5: Now, you are ready to create your French braid from eye to eye as opposed to ear to ear. After you’ve completed the braid, secure with a small a small rubber band and pins it down with a hair pin to hold in place. Be sure to tuck the ends of the underneath the rest of the hair.

Step 7: Using a rat tail comb, lift the braid off the head to loosen the braid creating a 3D effect.

Step 8: Lastly, brush out the waves in the back of the head and tease at the root for volume.

Step 9: To finish and hold in place for the night spritz once more with Motions light working spritz.

Now you’re red carpet ready! Try the look at home and add your own unique twist.