Here’s What Jada Pinkett Smith Had to Say About Chris Rock’s Oscars Joke

By now you’re probably all aware of the dig host Chris Rock took at Jada Pinkett Smith during his Oscars monologue. The comedian implied that the only reason the Gotham actress was boycotting the show was because her husband, Will Smith, wasn’t nominated. He topped that off by saying she wasn’t invited to attend in the first place. Ouch!

Tyrese: ‘Shame on You, Chris Rock’

Quite a few people, including Tyrese, came to Jada’s defense, but Jada and Will remained quiet—until now.

Will Smith Joins Jada Pinkett Smith in Sitting Out the Oscars

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While making her way through Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday, a photographer asked about the Oscars joke and Smith told the paparazzi, “Hey look, it comes with the territory but we gotta keep it moving. We gotta keep it moving. We gotta keep it moving. There’s a lot of stuff we gotta handle, a lot of stuff in our world right now. We gotta keep it moving.”

Jada Pinkett Smith on the Academy Awards: “We Must Stand in Our Own Power.”

Looks like Jada’s moved on. She has bigger fish to fry and that little joke at the Oscars is already in her rearview.