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ESSENCE Poll: What's Your Favorite Oscars Moment?

As the biggest night for film approaches, we're looking back on the most memorable moments from the Oscars.

Awards season is wrapping up this Sunday with the biggest event of the year: The Oscars. Even though women and people of color have been effectively shut out of this year’s awards, that doesn’t stop us from looking back on better times when our achievements were celebrated by the Academy.

Who could forget when Denzel Washington and Halle Berry made history when they won the Academy Award for Best Actor and Best Actress on the same night? Halle Berry’s acceptance speech still brings tears to our eyes.

The Oscars are also known for great musical numbers. Remember when little Michael Jackson sang “Ben,” or when Aaliyah sang “Journey To The Past”? And we’ll never forget when Three 6 Mafia and Taraji P. Henson brought the house down with their Oscar-winning performance of “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp.”

Or how about last year, when Ellen DeGeneres took the selfie seen round the world? We wish we could’ve been in the audience, especially when she ordered pizza for everyone. And of course, we’ll always remember Lupita Nyong’o’s stunning dress and heartwarming acceptance speech.  

What’s your favorite Oscars moment? Take our poll and share your best memories from the Academy Awards in the comments below.

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