Kerry Washington Hits MET Gala With Purple Hair, Get The Look Now
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Last night, a pregnant Kerry Washington hit the MET Gala red carpet with magenta hair and voluminous curls. The new ‘do is a different look for the actress who’s known for subtle curls, bobs and straight hair.

“From the moment I saw Kerry’s Marc Jacob dress, I felt it was a bold look, but still sexy with all of the details in it,” says Celebrity Hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew who created Washington’s look. “I wanted to style her hair with texture and incorporate some color with a chopped layered cut. My inspiration was to give her a vamp yet sexy look to go with her dress. When it came to styling her hair, it was all about the cut. And, I don’t believe in putting a lot product in the hair. I love for the hair to move and have a lot of natural body with an amazing shine.”


Get The Look:

Step 1: Blow dry hair with the T3 professional hairdryer and give a slight lift at the roots with a T3 round brush.

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Step 2: Part hair on the right side and curled hair with T3 curling iron body waver for fullness, shine and texture. “I love that with this tool I’m not going to damage Kerry’s hair,” she says. “It has constant heat throughout the plates so it is much more gentle on the strands.”

Step 3: To give hair added texture, brush out with a T3 paddle brush. Curl medium strands of the hair starting at the root loosely around the curling iron for 7 seconds. Continue curling in clock and counter clock wise motions with the iron throughout hair to pump up the volume.

Step 4: Tease roots and clip in TSD Hair extensions (Body Wave 16 in)
in the center and top for natural added texture and length. “I gathered her hair all together in mid center, and cut it in the back and let the hair fall forward for some drama,” says Sturdivant-Drew.

Step 5: Lastly, examine the shine of hair and how well the TSD Hair extensions blends in.