Singer Joy Villa Wears ‘Make America Great Again’ Gown to the Grammys
John Shearer

The 59th annual Grammy Awards red carpet is getting interesting already.

Singer Joy Villa just made a very bold pro-Trump fashion statement by wearing a gown with the infamous ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan emblazoned on it, and the name ‘Trump’ along the dress’ train – all while rocking a perfectly picked Afro.

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Perhaps we’re moving too fast, let’s back up a bit. Who is Joy Villa anyway?

From what we’ve learned via a quick Google search, Villa is a singer and actress who identifies as Black, Italian and Indian and whose most recent work is a song entitled “Empty.” She was one of the first guests to arrive to the Grammy Awards red carpet this evening and all was well until her flowy white robe came off.

Exhibit A.

John Shearer

Frazer Harrison

Jon Kopaloff

Jon Kopaloff

A look at her social media doesn’t really give much insight into her political stance, yet she does deem herself a feminist and released a brief statement via Instagram explaining that her platform is all about love.

Being that we’re still not quite sure what America Donald Trump is referring to when he speaks of making things great again, the same goes for Ms. Villa’s dress. But for what it’s worth, she did make quite the statement on the red carpet.