Blue Ivy Carter Joins James Corden’s Impromptu Singalong At The Grammys
Lester Cohen/ Getty

James Corden couldn’t get a real car into the Staples Center to stage a Carpool Karaoke at the Grammys, so he settled for a cardboard cutout of one. The benefit of that version? He could fit as many celebrities as he wanted into it — seatbelts be damned.

Corden sat next to Jennifer Lopez with his fake car before Jason Derulo, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, John Legend, Ryan Tedder, and Neil Diamond joined in for an impromptu rendition of Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

The group went on to lead the entire arena in a singalong… and then the real highlight happened: Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy — decked out in her Prince-inspired outfit — jumped in to finish the whole thing out.

See a clip below.