Dave Chappelle Gives Short And Hilarious Speech After Winning His First Grammy
Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

On Sunday, Dave Chappelle won the 60th Annual Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album for
The Age of Spin & Deep in the Heart of Texas, a comedy special that touched on race, technology and pop culture.

In show business for over two decades, Chappelle excitedly accepted the award, which brings him one step closer to being an E.G.O.T. (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) winner —he’d need an Oscar and Tony win to make the prestigious list.

“I am honored to win an award, finally,” Chapelle said during his acceptance speech. “And I wanted to thank everybody at Netflix, everyone at Saturday Night Live and everyone at Chappelle Show.”

“See you on Monday,” he ended his short speech.

Earlier in the show, Chappelle spoke during Kendrick Lamar’s performance about the political climate of this country.

“I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a Black man be honest in America, is being an honest Black man in America,” he said in between Lamar’s performance of “XXX” off his Grammy award-winning album DAMN..

Chappelle recently released his second comedy special on Netflix.


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