Oprah Won’t Let Best Friend Gayle King Go To Golden Globes Looking Ashy
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Black women know how to keep it super real with one another, even when your name is Oprah Winfrey. 

After decades of friendship, Oprah isn’t afraid to let best friend Gayle King know she needs some lotion for her elbows. As the iconic duo prepped to hit the red carpet for the 2018 Golden Globes they did one last outfit and makeup check with each other. 

“How you feeling,” Oprah asked her BFF of more than three decades. And in true best friend fashion, Oprah reminded Gayle to “get your elbows, there’s a little Ash Wednesday right there,” she says. 

In this super real moment, these two ladies are the epitome of friendship goals and the reason we absolutely love them. We all need a friend like Oprah, who’s willing to keep it real with us while also cheering us on!