Leslie Jones Hits Back At Online Hackers In Hilarious But Real Emmys Appearance
ince Bucci/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images

Comedian Leslie Jones spent her summer being subjected to online abuse – which included an onslaught of racists messages on Twitter and website hack that lead to the release of her private photos – but that didn’t stop her from poking fun at the terrifying situation during the 68th annual Emmy Awards.

On Sunday night, Jones took to the stage with three Ernst and Young accountants – the men responsible for keeping Emmy secrets on lock – to question them about what really needs protecting.

“I appreciate all the hard work you do, but let’s be real,” Jones said. “Ya’ll are protecting something nobody is trying to steal. Don’t nobody want to know about boring Emmy secrets.”

“I got a job for you…my Twitter account!” Jones said to an amused crowd. “Put that in a vault please!”

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She continued, even acknowledging the leaked nude photos.

“I just wanted to feel beautiful!” she said.

While the moment was one where Jones was able to hit back at the online abuse by doing what she does best, it also revealed that social media platforms have failed to address such abuse. At one point this year, Jones announced that she was taking a break from Twitter after the damaging comments became too much.

And while we’re happy that the comedian is taking it all in stride, the bigger picture isn’t lost on us. Jones was targeted, like many Black women, and our protection matters.

And that’s no laughing matter.