Get The Look: KeKe Palmer at the Emmy Awards

Keke Palmer looked amazing at the 2014 Emmy Awards and she has her hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez to thank. Keke’s updo wasn’t like others— from the front it's very simply pulled back, but the back had quite an interesting detail. “A classic style, with a twist...literally,” said Alvarez. Here, Alvarez explains the step by step process of getting Keke’s classic updo.

Deena Campbell Aug, 26, 2014

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To start I washed Keke's natural hair with Motions Straight Finish Cleanser, followed by Motions Straight Finish Leave-In. A small amount of Motions Finish Sealer was applied and then the hair was blown dry with a paddle brush and Gold 'n Hot Professional Titanium Dryer.

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After the hair was dry, I straightened with a flat iron followed by a very small amount of pomade for smoothness on the edges.

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I then parted her hair into three horizontal sections. Starting with the first top section, I gathered it into a ponytail using a fabric covered hair tie. Then, using my fingers, made a hole right above the hair tie. Pull the ponytail down through the hole and retighten the ponytail by splitting the ponytail in two and pulling tightly. I continued this inverted ponytail (topsy tail) for the other sections, pulling hair from the previous pony into the new one.

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To create a soft and sleek front and sides, I sprayed the hair with Motions Light Working spritz. Then, I tied the hair down, and did not remove until the style was complete. Using the blow dryer, I set the hair into place, the sides and top becoming perfectly smooth. After only a few moments, the hair was set.

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Finally, I removed the wrap and finished with my shine spray. I topped off the style with some fancy hair bling pins at the base of each ponytail for an Emmy Award worthy hairdo.