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Hi, guys. Alecia Whitney here refreshing the talk with Absolut [UNKNOWN], joined now on the red carpet with this amazing woman right here, [UNKNOWN] [INAUDIBLE] i How's it going? I'm great, [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Loved it, loved it You didn't know that? No, I didn't. Cool. Yeah, it's totally cool. [LAUGH] First of all there's been some fun stuff before we get to the deep stuff. Now this year we are honoring the amazing Erika Godfrey. Do you have a favorite Air Spike song?>> You put me on the spot now.>> Darn it!>> There's a lot. Come back to me for later.>> We'll put a pin in that one.>> Yeah.>> Now, you did a track with... So we mixed music and we came together and he inspired me and I inspired him [INAUDIBLE] You mentioned before that you [INAUDIBLE] When you're a kid you dream about being an artist. [INAUDIBLE] As a kid [INAUDIBLE] if you want to be an artist. Well, not that I'm older, I just realized Keep the world really really [UNKNOWN], to be able ti [INAUDIBLE]. And that's something that we should appreciate and take a moment to respect and to be an [UNKNOWN]. Unless you come from [INAUDIBLE] in this day and age, but for [INAUDIBLE] and how it work [UNKNOWN] period of time. [INAUDIBLE] Possibly in a woman shake your breath. You're kind of woman and inside you're strong, you're powerful, you're You have intuition and you have [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] to encourage [INAUDIBLE]. I would say firstly create your own opportunities. [CROSSTALK] [NOISE] [LAUGH]

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