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[MUSIC] [SOUND] You can be all sorts of things [SOUND] My gosh. I saw you guys getting ready. Girl friend, girl friend. My God, I gotta sit on this dress. Well, come on June Ambrose here. I would throw my mic if I wouldn't get fired. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] If I wouldn't get fired, I'd throw it on the ground. How are you? Style architect. So good. Yes. Because I match. It's my first time coming, my first time getting invited. Is it? I crashed, but at first I'm here. What? She didn't crash she's a VIP, don't let her play you. Yeah. VIP right here. You have to tell us who you're wearing. Michael Costello and Brian Atwood. Look at the pink on the shoe. Okay. She's Into that. Look at my show. Yes! What! [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] So beautiful. Yes. I wanted to bring colour to the table today. And I saw you on [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] Always matter. Your bald is amazing! Thank you. You don't need much. You are an icon. You have an icon face. Thank you, yes, you heard it- For this, this Donna Summer's moment It's good right? And the capelette is [UNKNOWN]. Mimi Parnes. It's everything. Black designers matter. You send Mimi a thank you note. Yes, Mimi. It's everything. So June who are you looking forward to seeing, talk to me. I cannot wait to see Cynthia perform. I'm obsessed. That's your friend. She's my friend, I'm not just Saying that because I love her. [LAUGH] No, but her performances, goosebumps. And this is her time, she's having such a great season. You know, she's gonna play Harriett Tubman. I was like, let me just play, I want to play a slave. She just won the Grammy. She just won a Grammy. That's on the song right? Yes. Speaking of amazing things, you launched recently. I did. A little capsule clothing collection. Yes. My little pop-up shop for my Rock Mom sweats. It's amazing. Beautiful. Snap is what it's called. Snap! Snap. Everyone please check that out. And I'm working on Spring, so I've been out here working with different production companies and stuff like that, so it's been great. So where can I find it? JuneAprils.com! Director to consumer! Just wanna make sure. Direct to consumer! Thank you so very much, June. Thank you. This was fun. I love you. Have fun tonight. [MUSIC]
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