Exclusive: Laverne Cox On Why She Adores Beyoncé
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Laverne Cox is having a banner year. Her role in Orange is The New Black is a part of a groundbreaking moment on television for black actresses everywhere, and she is paving the way.

While Cox is climbing to the top of her game, the transgendered star recognizes other leading ladies and has a huge admiration for Beyoncé.

“Destiny’s Child came out the year before I started transitioning [into a woman], so Beyoncé has been on the journey with me throughout my womanhood,” says Cox.

Beyond Beyoncé’s outer beauty and talent, Cox admires the star’s dedication to her craft. “Beyoncé’s music is amazing,” says Cox. “And as I watch her progress throughout the years, she gets better and is committed to her craft. And, that’s something that I aspire to.”

Well said, Cox!