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[MUSIC] Regina King, welcome. I feel like I should curtsy you. No. [LAUGH] It is an honor to be in front of you. Aw, thank you. A year ago, did you imagine you would be here at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood awards accepting the fierce and fearless award? I can't say that I wouldn't think that I would not be here. I can't be fierce and fearless and think that I couldn't be here. That's the honest truth. But is it any less of an honor, absolutely not. I come to this event every time I can possibly come in the city. I come, I think it's so special for everyone, and I know you're hearing this over and over again, it gives us an opportunity to celebrate each other and for everyone out there to see us celebrating each other. Thirty years ago you made your debut on 227- Yeah. Did you ever imagine you having such a long, great career? You know, I guess when this started out, I did not necessarily look at acting as a career choice. It was more a hobby at first. I wanted to be a dentist, I wanted to be a stewardess, I wanted to be so many. It was stewardess then, now it's flight attendant. That's true. [LAUGH] since, politically correct? Yes, yes. But, so, it wasn't until I was at USC and I decided, you know what? This acting thing, it's gonna work out. So, I kinda kicked school to the left. My mother wasn't that happy about it, but. I think it worked out okay. I always been a hands-on li, I like to learn while I'm in the trenches type person. I never saw a limit to anything that I've done. Acting and now directing. Was the one thing tha's always kept my interest. I remember reading, an actor's round table in the Hollywood Reporter where they talked about actresses mentioning the pain of waiting sometimes between projects, and I know with black actresses it's probably even doubled. How do you get through it and how do you stay connected when you're not supposedly, you know, working? Right. I have to say I've been blessed that in 30 years there's only been maybe one year that, I wasn't working, and that was, it wasn't even when I was pregnant, I actually worked while I was pregnant. That was in between 227 and Boyz in Da Hood. And from that moment on I've, I've never not- You probably were in school then. I was in college, yeah. Okay. The universe has given me the, I've been lucky enough to have the experience, to choose roles that really speak to me, and they've come. At the right time. And I think because I've always been honest to my own truth, I haven't been in the situation of feeling like I'm waiting. Yes. For a role. Hm. I've always felt like I'm. Where I'm suppose to be. Yeah. Finish this sen, sentence if I wasn't an actress I would be. [MUSIC] Oh my gosh, this is tough because I've always dreamt to be so many, my dreams are always so many things, so. If I wasn't an actress, I would be a retired flight attendant dentist celebrity, now celebrity chef.
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