If you caught a glimpse of Alicia Keys last night at the Billboard Music Awards, you were probably just as amazed by the singer’s bold braided updo as you were by her commanding stage performance. We loved the style so much that we caught up with her hairstylist, Tippi Shorter, to get the scoop on Keys’ do.

According to Shorter, this style was an editorial take on the braid she did for Keys in her “No One” video. “It just seemed perfect for the dress and the show,” said Shorter.

Here are Shorter’s step-by-step notes on exactly how she created Keys’ braided masterpiece.

1. Alicia Keys’ hair was shampooed and conditioned with the smoothing collection from HAIR by Tippi Shorter.

2. Ojon Revitalizing Mist was used to detangle and protect the hair from the hot Vegas sun.

3. Her hair was blown smooth using the Brazilian Heat After Dark 1900 watt AC motor dryer.

4. Her hair was gathered in a high ponytail and secured with a bungee band.

5. Control pliable hairdressing wax from HAIR by Tippi Shorter was used to smooth the hair and prevent any flyaways.

6. Using a small amount of Control on her fingertips, she braided Alicia’s ponytail, adding in pieces of human hair to make the braid bigger and then wrapped the braid around, crown-like, until she came up with the shape that Alicia “rocked” on the red carpet.

7. Baby bobby pins and finishing spray were used to secure the braid so it wouldn’t move.




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