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Hey guys, my name is Vanessa Simmons. I am here today with Essence and Colgate, and I am going to run you guys through some of my tips for getting ready for the red carpet. This is my radiant life. Beautiful starts on the inside. I feel the best way to remain confident in the public eye is to be happy on the inside. The moment that I knew that it was important was when I had my daughter. To be able to take care of anyone else, you have to start with yourself. Smile from the inside out. There's always Colgate Optic White in my beauty arsenal, and it's got the same ingredient that Recommend. Plus they have an amazing new toothpaste called radiant that whitens your teeth inside and out. And that is definitely the thing you need when you have a lot of cameras waiting to take your picture. It's amazing and it definitely keeps your smile on point. Let your lips do the talking. To highlight my radiant smile, I love to play with bold colors. It makes me feel alive, and it makes me feel very girly, which I am. The biggest mantra and quote I focus on daily is something my dad Dad told me years ago. Do your best and forget the rest. That's all we can ever do in life. As long as you know that your best is 110%, then you're good. [MUSIC]

Life is full of photo-ops, are you spotlight-ready?

As an actress, TV host and model, Vanessa Simmons has walked many red carpets and now she’s here to share how she always looks so radiant!

She believes that beautiful begins on the inside and with a few simple tips and tricks, she takes you on a journey that kicks off with self-confidence. From journaling to me-time, Vanessa says you have to take care of yourself first—because when you feel good, you look gorgeous.

But a bold, bright lip is just as essential when you want to really dial up the glam. And the best way to complement a playful pop of color is with sparkling white. Radiant ™ toothpaste by Colgate ® Optic White ® is a must-have in Vanessa’s beauty arsenal.

After all, it uses the same ingredients dentists do, cleaning teeth from the inside out for a show-stopping smile!

Watch as Vanessa shares some of her radiant life secrets! 

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