Black Beauty Icons: Nails

Our nails are always on point with these handy products picked by the ESSENCE Beauty team and our all-star group of beauty pros. 

ESSENCE.COM Apr, 15, 2015

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The ESSENCE beauty team and a select group of pros picked their all-time favorite nail products. 

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“It’s fast-drying for my clients who move in a New York minute.” —Lisa Logan 

$10, Sally Beauty

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“This classic is often referenced on set, and the red and burgundy mix is unique.” —Lisa Logan 


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“Gently removes the thin layer of cuticle. Your nails feel and look healthy after one use.” —Gina Edwards


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“It has a glassy reflective shine and dries quickly.” —Gina Edwards 

$7, CVS

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“It fills in ridges to give natural nails a gel-like effect.” —Rachel Shim 


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“By far the best cuticle oil on the market.” —Rachel Shim


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“You can’t go wrong with this vibrant red!” —Honey