Best in Black Beauty Awards 2015: Skin

We took your word for it! These skincare solutions will help you correct, protect and prevent.

ESSENCE.COM Sep, 17, 2015

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“You need very little of this scrub. Getting a small lather when I mixed it in my hand with just water was impressive. My face feels super clean, softer and literally has a glow.” —Cassandra H., Alta Loma, CA


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“It’s nongreasy and left my skin soft with a nice glow.”—Sharon Smith, Philadelphia


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“I’ve been using the same products since 1999, but this works so well with my skin, which is now radiant!”—Monica Bailey, Brooklyn


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“It is easy to use and fragrance-free, and works on my tough-to-go-away brown spots.” —Denise Bolds, Marlboro, NY


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“My oily, acne-prone skin feels amazingly clean and moisturized, and I haven’t noticed any breakouts since using it.” —Niki Banks, College Park, GA


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“This cleanses my skin without stripping or overdrying. It also smells good and has a nice light texture.”—Terry Williams, Brooklyn


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“This moisturizer left my skin feeling soft and revitalized. It worked so well that I took it to work to use on my hands during the day.”—Rosalind Parker, Prosper, TX

$38, Sephora

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“I like the nice smooth texture, which blends easily into my skin and doesn’t burn.” —Lonna Gordon, New York City