We’re about a month into fall, meaning we’re gearing up for midterms, wrapping up our year at work and still making time for some homecoming fun. Through all of life’s experiences, there’s a style serve waiting for you. All you have to do is tap in to your signature look, while also being open to experimentation with trends and classic fashion moments. During our 2021 Girls United Summit, content creator Jasmin Corley and style expert Crystal Daniels gave us a few tips on how to comfortably take our style to the next level.

Corley started off by picking out her kicks first and basing her outfit around her choice. “And I like to pick my outfit based off of the shoes,” she said. “I always start out with the shoes, just because it helps me pick out my color palette.”

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Corley then worked her way up to a pair of pants, opting for a black pair of scrunched, highwaisted leather pants from fast fashion retailer Fashion Nova. Pairing it with a gray, cropped tank top and Aldo shades, she continued to relate a relaxed vibe that college students (and Gen Z in general) are famous for. Since temperatures are dipping, she added a flannel jacket that matched her shoes, but without the black to keep it light. “I can go anywhere in this outfit,” she added. “I can go out to eat, I can go to a museum, I can go to a party. I can live life in this outfit.”

Black Girl Style Hacks For Your Everyday Slay
Photo Credit: Derek White

For Daniels’ portion, she styled one blazer four ways, proving that as long as your play up what you have, you’ll always be glowed up. For the individual looks, she paired the jacket with a belt, boot and thigh highs for a sexy fall moment, then added a bralette, leggings and heeled sandals, switched it up by throwing on a pair of distressed jeans, a low, thick-heeled black boot and an animal print button down and finally elevated her sports bra, biker shorts and sneakers with the blazer. Talk about variety!

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