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Found: The Mascara Of My Dreams

Now you can try it in real life.
Found: The Mascara Of My Dreams
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Each month I’m introduced to a handful of mascaras that claim to be better than the rest. And since I aspire to have mile-long lashes, I apply every single one of them with the hope that my lashes will appear longer than ever before.

I also hope to stumble across a mascara that won’t clump and transfer, and one that doesn’t cost a fortune. And because I’m an eco-conscious beauty editor, I also look for products that are cruelty-free.

One might say that my expectations are set a little too high, and I was beginning to think so too until I tried the new Full Frontal Mascara from Fenty Beauty. 

Last month, the brand announced that it was dropping its first mascara, and it turns out that it checks all the boxes, and some I’ve never considered before like a product that lengthens, lifts, volumizes, and curls lashes. 

Found: The Mascara Of My Dreams

What I love most about the do-it-all mascara is the flat-to-fat brush that allows me to apply layer after layer to create the drama I want and without clumping. With just a few coats, I’m able to achieve the lashes of my dreams. 

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The fat side of the brush deposits the formula onto your lashes and flat side fans them out. It also gives my lashes the curl I love. 

To prove that the mascara of my dreams isn’t a myth, pick it up the next time you’re in Sephora, because the Full Frontal Mascara finally exists.