Watch Michael B. Jordan And His Trainer Hilariously Break Down The Secrets To That Rock Hard Physique We All Loved In 'Creed II'

Get ready to laugh, swoon and take notes as we rewind to this enlightening chat with Michael Bae and his trainer Corey Calliet.
If you’ve seen Creed II, then you already know Michael B. Jordan did NOT play around when it came to getting his physique in tip-top shape to reprise his starring role as Adonis Creed. Click HERE to get tickets for ESSENCE Festival 2019, celebrating 25 years of moving the culture forward! While Jordan’s dedication to fitness certainly helped get his body ready for the role, he credits his trainer, Corey Calliet, with the very noticeable physical transformation we’ve seen from his character between the two films. Earlier this year, our Yes, Girl! podcast hosts got the chance to sit down with the multi-talented Hollywood heartthrob and his trainer during the 2018 ESSENCE Festival to get the real deal on what it takes to craft—and maintain—a body you can be proud of. “First of all, you have to workout,” Calliet told the ESSENCE Fest audience. “Honestly, I tell everybody all the time, adapting to a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, a workout regime…just making healthy choices. If you make healthy choices and you workout consistently, it’s not hard. You have to really control yourself and know that you know what we can get it shape.” Most importantly, Calliet places emphasis on the fact that our dream bodies are made in the kitchen—not the the gym—and also encourages those aspiring to healthier lifestyles to find a physical activity that you can commit to sticking with for the long haul. “Don’t do something where you’re going to quit,” he adds. “Do something that you’re gonna like and enjoy. Have fun in fitness. Have fun in fitness and I guarantee you, you will get a body you want, you will live healthier and you will feel good.” Check out the hilariously enlightening interview in full above, with the fitness gems starting at about the 23:34 mark. You’re welcome! TOPICS: