Many of us may remember her as the precocious Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show, but these days actress Keshia Knight Pulliam is so much more than her famous character. The mom and entrepreneur has taken her love of family and home and poured it into her new culinary venture, Keshia’s Kitchen Collection Seasonings.

Armed with a dash of love and her famous turkey chili recipe, Pulliam hit the Essence Eats stage at Essence Festival to give the excited (and hungry!) crowd a taste of what she’s been cooking up, and share how cooking brings her family together.

“I come from a family of great cooks—my mom, my dad, my brothers, we all cook. And that’s how we come together., not just on Sunday, but throughout the week.”

The super simple turkey chili recipe featured fresh ingredients, her homemade spices, and used ground turkey instead of ground beef to keep it light and healthy.

Pulliam even invited two lucky audience members on stage to try her chili for themselves, and it was a hit!

Even her young daughter Ella Grace came on to support her superstar mom and tell everyone that she loved her mom’s chili too. According to the fab mom, her baby girl is one reason she focuses on her health and using the freshest ingredients in her cooking and her products.

“In my home we buy organic. People complain that it’s too expensive, but I always say you can pay on the front end or the back end,” she said. “You can pay a little more for great food or you can pay some doctors’ bills. It’s all about health.”

If you want to try Pulliam’s yummy turkey chili, or any of her other great dishes, make sure you check her out over at Keshia’s Kitchen to grab the recipes.

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