“If this dress is an even remotely reasonably priced I’m buying it right this second,” I said aloud to myself as I double-tapped, saved and screenshot this Auris Dip-Dye Slip Dress when it appeared on my phone screen.

The way my budget is currently set up, it was not reasonable at $405. It simply was not. I’m still coming to terms with that fact if I’m being honest.

I’ve dreamt of it since then. Okay, maybe they’ve been more like daydreams, but the possibilities are truly endless. First dates, brunch shenanigans where you know fire pictures will be taken, there are so many places this dress can take you.

As I’ve licked my wounds I figured it was a good use of time to find options that are a bit more affordable.

If you to are taken aback by the sheer magnificence of this dip-dyed beauty, shop below for the actual dress and some similar options.