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McDonald’s “Making Moves Now” Virtual Pitch Competition 

Five young Black women entrepreneurs between the ages of 16 and 25 pitch their businesses for the chance to win thousands of dollars in funding.

Host: Khadeen Ellis, Actress & Host


1. Maya Caine, MIVE

For many Gen Z and Millennial women, online clothing shopping is a risky and frustrating process. Website models don’t reflect the general population, sizing charts are inconsistent, and trustworthy product reviews are few and far between. MIVE takes the frustration out of online shopping and gives women all the tools to make a confident purchase. MIVE is a data driven fashion marketplace that personalizes shopping in the absence of a fitting room.

2.La Shay Green, Soul Bites

SoulBites is a gourmet food truck concept answering the call to change the lack of soul food options in the Bronx, NY community. Soulbites will have a product line that features soul food with a modern-day twist, which includes a contemporary interpretation of classic African-American comfort food as well as versions of soul food dishes for those with dietary restrictions served in smaller bite sized portions.  Desserts, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks will also be featured.  

3. Brandy Merriweather, BStarPR LLC

BStarPR provides premiere public relations & marketing services for late millennial and GenZ. We are a college student run public relations company which houses a variety of clients who market to the college demographic. Specializing in B2B events, activations, influencer marketing, and media relations, BStarPR help leverage young voices and accomplishments. We at BStarPR are young innovative intellectuals. Our insight and perspective of the target market, business, and entertainment industry makes us best in class.  

4. Jannice Newson, Lillian Augusta

Lillian Augusta is a company that reimagines the possibilities for Black hair care. Emanating from the founders’ ongoing complaints of synthetic braiding hair, the idea for plant-based hair was born. Synthetic braiding hair is made from plastic, and it causes irritation for Black women who wear it as well as plastic pollution in our environment. Plant-based braiding hair is an environmentally friendly alternative that makes for a much more comfortable experience when wearing braids.

5. Sasha Robbs, III Athletics

Join our fight as III ATHLETICS strives to create awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our performance wear provides high quality, affordable workout wear/gear to the everyday family. For every order, we have partnered with HELLO JUICY to provide a healthy meal beverage, and also our III-for-III card that gives you three workouts to jump start you day. Move with us as we stand together in the fight to a healthier lifestyle. To enable screen reader support, press ⌘+Option+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press ⌘slash

A Heaven For A Black Girl

Ashley Haze delivers a powerful performance in honor of the continued fight to end systemic racism and exist in a world where the value of Black lives is as high as the price our ancestors paid in blood, sweat and tears for their freedom.

#MyVoiceMatters – Sounding Off On Election 2020

Actress Sierra Capri checks in with 3 young women from 3 different states about 1 issue they hope to see changed for the better in their city following the 2020 Presidential Election.

Sierra Capri, Actress

Tiffany Elaine Brockington, Consultant, Detroit, Michigan

Jasmine Williams, Artist, New Orleans, Louisiana

Brandy Star, Entrepreneur, Merriweather, Atlanta, Georgia

Checking In On Our Girls: Managing Mental Health

Entertainer & activist Riley and model Choyce Brown join Youth Licensed Clinical Therapist Jaynay Johnson for a candid discussion about how young Black women are managing their mental health. Talking points to include: Root causes of depression, stress and anxiety in young Black women; strategies for coping; resources for coping and more.

Moderated by Jaynay Johnson, Owner, Teen Therapy Talk

Choyce Brown, Model

Riley, Actress & Singer