Ever since Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” first dropped, we’ve been nostalgic for Nineties reggae artist, Patra…the original dancehall queen. The gorgeous Kingston, Jamaica native first surfaced on Shabba Ranks’ 1993 song, “A Family Affair,” and soon racked up hits of her own, including “Worker Man,” “Pull Up to the Bumper” and “Romantic Call” (please check out the video, if you haven’t — it co-stars Tupac, Yo-Yo, and an impressive number of black sportsbras). We adored her fun, wiggly-sexy, mid-90s dancehall sound, but her look might have been even more far-reaching than her music! With her rich, almond-brown complexion, smoldering eyes and long, thick “dookie” braids, the 20-year-old quickly became a style icon (some would argue that she even influenced a “Poetic Justice”-era Janet Jackson’s look!). Post-1990s, Patra’s singing career styled, but we’ll always love her uber-confident, in-your-face hotness. Wherever you are, Patra, we hope you’re making a “romantic call!”