Vanishing Acts: Prescriptives Goes Out of Business

Our fabulous Beauty Director Mikki Taylor laments the passing of Prescriptives Cosmetics, a beloved 30-year-old line of cosmetics that was ahead of its time. Read more.

I so can’t believe the plug has been pulled on Prescriptives Cosmetics!

I’m not a happy girl right now. I could vent, but I won’t, at least not until the end of year when the counters shut down for good and any leftovers will have to be purchased online. In my opinion this 30-year-old brand is still ahead of its time – too bad it was the best kept secret. Sisters in the know like you and me would hit the counter for custom blended concealer, foundation with treatment benefits, powder, lipgloss – whatever we desired to have an exclusive on right?

And now I feel like I’m sitting in the front row on the last night of a fabulous, long-running show. Oh well, don’t stress it. Know that I’ll be looking out for what’s next for all of us. Until then, “run don’t walk” to get triples of all your faves (it might take me a while to find those replacements so be sure to refrigerate them so they’ll keep) and while you’re at the counter, add Faux Lash Mascara and All Skins Mineral Makeup in your shade and get one in a deeper shade for next summer.

For those of you who love Calyx, know that this zesty sizzler of a fragrance will continue to be in store at all Aramis counters as well as online. Enough said.