ESSENCE Music Festival has finally arrived and O-M-G, we cannot wait to see Usher perform tomorrow night!

The mega popstar recently chatted with the Steve Harvey Morning Show about headlining the opening night of EMF and what fans can expect on stage.

“Man, it’s going to be a lot of fun. This year we went all around the world and the OMG tour was major. I promised my ESSENCE fans I was going to bring a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he said. “I was motivated by R.Kelly, Frankie Beverly — those shows are all about energy and also a little bit of theatrics so we are going to have a great time and it will be a night to remember. Everyone wants to perform at least once on the ESSENCE stage. This will be my second time — but my first time ever doing my entire show.”

Despite wowing fans all around the world, he said rocking the stage for ESSENCE will be something special.

“I’m really happy to be down here at the ESSENCE Festival. It’s an incredible event. This is the right time for me being I supported the ESSENCE Festival and now being able to open it. I’m really happy about it. It’s going to be a night to remember.”

Starting with hits from “My Way” all the way up to  “Confessions,” Usher said EMFers can expect a “journey” tomorrow — and what’s there not to love about a sexy performance in the Big Easy? The star himself — who launched the New Look Foundation to help residents after Hurricane Katrina — said he can’t wait to bring down New Orleans.

“Everything about New Orleans is just the energy, the music. The culture that comes from the city is incredible and to see it rebuilt the way it has been, I’m just really happy to be down there.”