Top 5 Skin Care Resolutions for 2009

Bring in the New Year with our five innovative skin care solutions.

If you want to get that superstar glow, adopt a spa-like approach to skin care in 09.


1: A fresh Start

Vow to use a Cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type every morning and night. For normal to oily skin, try a gel cleanser like Bright and Clear from Dr. Susan Taylor’s line Rx for Brown Skin. It’s formulated with salicylic acid and sulfur to help prevent breakouts and control excessive oil.  Normal to dry skin responds best to cream cleansers. U.K.-based homeopathic pharmacy Weleda offers several cream cleansers suitable for normal to dry/dehydrated or sensitive skin and it’s now available at Target and other national drugstores in the U.S.

*Tip: Bar soap has too much alkaline, so it damages the skin’s protective layer.



Dr. Susan Taylor’s line Rx for Brown Skin, $22, amazon.com




Weleda Iris Cleansing Lotion, $13.99, drugstore.com






2: Off With the Old

People of color have a slower cellular turn over which can lead to build up (i.e. ashiness). To reduce discoloration we suggest you Exfoliate every three days. Look for products with enzymes; they’re gentler than acids and only remove dead skin cells.

Try Avalon Organics’ Lavender Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub for a fresh feeling, $12, amazon.com


*Tip: Money-Saving Tip: Buy chick pea flour from the Indian market, mix with plain yogurt and scrub for one minute. It’s cost effective and gentle on the skin.



3: Pampering Is a Necessity

Once or twice a week, after exfoliating, you must Treat yourself to a nourishing mask. This is your splurge item. High tech formulations are made to penetrate the skin deeper for greater effects. They may cost a little more but they’re well worth it.



Dehydrated Skin:

Phytomins Hydrating Face Mask

This ultra smooth moisture boosting mask is perfect for tired, dry and thirsty skin, $9.99, drugstore.com.




Normal Skin:

Astara Skincare Nourishing Vitamin Mask

A potent nourishing mask, this product is packed with vitamins and skin-softening extracts. Leave on the face and for 15-20 minutes for firmer radiant skin, $50, amazon.com.



Oily / Acne Prone Skin:

AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask

Formulated specially for oily skin, the mud in this mask is created with complex natural Dead Sea minerals that removes grime leaving the skin feeling clean and clear, $28, drugstore.com.





4: Back to Balance

Balance skin by giving yourself a face Massage at least two minutes every day. It can reduce puffiness, stimulate blood flow and calm the nervous system. Alleviate dark circles by massaging with an eye cream with vitamin K. Studies show that vitamin K improves circulation. Consider trying Donnel Super Skin K-Derm Cream. Or look for the ingredient horse chestnut, which is known to strengthen the capillary walls.


*Tip: Make sure you massage from the outside in.


5: An Ounce Of Prevention

Finish your treatment with an antioxidant face cream then layer with sun block. This gives your skin twice the protection. The CosMedix line blocks UV penetration with micronized minerals for sheer coverage.

Keep your skin mega moisturized with the CosMedix Correct & Protect SPF 17, $65, dermstore.com, your complexion with look and feel supple and smooth.



Get more bang for your buck with the Boots Time Dimensions Rejuvenating Day Moisturizer SPF 12, $16.99, target.com. Perfect for all skin types, this cream will make your skin appear firmer, with a renewed natural glow.