Step foot anywhere in the South in the middle of July and you’re bound to feel the heat. For the stars who traveled to New Orleans this weekend for the ESSENCE Music Festival, heading out with a full face of makeup on has been a challenge, to say the least. For Tamar Braxton, her beauty mantra for sticky summer days is to keep it simple.

“I try not to wear a whole lot of foundation because it’s just too hot,” Braxton revealed at the Live Stage. “I also do a lot of blotting to keep [my face] nice and smooth.”

Starting with a clean canvas also helps Braxton stay “” When it comes to skin care, there’s only one product she can’t leave home without.

“The number one thing for me is that I can only wash my face with Dove soap. That’s the only cleanser that works for me because I have very sensitive skin.”

As Braxton prepares for the launch of her reality show, she’s been rocking high-impact beauty looks, but says her hubby and co-star, Vince Herbert, loves her with or without all the glam.

“He likes me natural, but he thinks I always look good,” Braxton said with a laugh.