Summer Sizzling Skin

Is your skin beach-ready? Find out ways to achieve a glistening look for summer.

Summer is approaching and it is time to start getting your skin beach-ready!  You can buy store products but another alternative is to make your own concoctions. Just mixing a shimmery eye shadow or bronzing powder to your favorite foundation or lotion can do the trick. 


1) To achieve a glistening look you will want to exfoliate your skin using a stimulating bath scrub like Bliss, Fatgirl Scrub, $38, blissworld.com. This will remove dead skin cells and allow your new luminous skin to surface. 

2) Brush upward toward your heart which stimulates the lymph system releasing toxins that produce cellulite. 

3) Next, use a body wash that adds shimmer which enhances tanned skin or your natural skin tone. Pick scents that have the aroma of summer like mango, coconut, watermelon, meadow foam, and sea breeze. We like Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons, $5.29, drugstores.

4) Keep your skin hydrated with an iridescent moisturizing lotion or oil. You’ll love Jergen’s Soft Shimmer, $7.49, drugstores, which gives the skin a healthy vibrancy with subtle light reflectors.