Along with being an Oscar-winning actress, Nahla’s mommy, and a Revlon spokesperson, Halle Berry is fast becoming a celebrity fragrance superstar! Her first two perfumes, Halle Berry and True Orchid, flew off shelves at light speed and this August, Berry is launching what will surely be her third scent success story, Reveal. “Because this is the third one, I have a little bit of experience now,” she says in an interview ith Women’s Wear Daily. “With each one, the goal is to make them different, yet the same in that it’s reflective of who I am. This one [is] a little more floral, but still classy and easy.” Berry’s also planning on putting a deeply personal stamp on Reveal’s TV ads. The confessional-style commercials will feature the movie star speaking directly to the viewer, as if having a private conversation. “It involved less acting than my others because I got to be myself,” Berry told WWD. “I got to answer questions honestly, with my own sense of mystery, with my own wonderment about the world. I got to expose a part of my real self.” We can’t wait to check it out! Reveal hits counters August 2010.