A recent study conducted by St. Ives reveals that just fifteen minutes outside can have a positive effect on American women ages 16-25. Of 2000 young women surveyed, 94 percent felt calmer after spending time in nature. However, more than half of the study’s participants wished they had more time to spend outdoors, and they’re not alone.

On some days, I only get to experience the outdoors during my morning commute, and it’s brief because I dare to drive in New York City. And even amid my short walk from my parking spot to my office building, the breeze across my face coupled with the warmth of the sun on my skin evokes a sense of tranquility that leaves me wanting.

To help individuals spend more time out and get into nature, St. Ives has launched the #NatureReset initiative, which is comprised of a series of efforts, including a mobile bus experience that brings a dose of nature to urban cities across the U.S.

St. Ives Launches The #NatureReset Initiative To Encourage Young Women To Spend Time Outdoors
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JULY 24: A view of the St. Ives #NatureReset bus in Times Square on July 24, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for St. Ives)

I had an opportunity to get aboard the mobile oasis during its New York stop in Soho, and must admit, between the buses’ nature scapes and spritzes of St. Ives newly launched Face Mist made with mood-boosting ingredients including lavender, grapefruit, and orange, the experience was a cool way to escape and unwind –even in the middle of one of the busiest neighborhoods in the city.

St. Ives Launches The #NatureReset Initiative To Encourage Young Women To Spend Time Outdoors

“For young people, especially those living in urban environments, there has been a rapid decrease in experiencing the healing power of nature,” says Jennifer Walsh, nature and beauty expert and Founder of Walk With Walsh.

“With #NatureReset, [we can] bring our brand purpose and commitment to nature to the next level and drive greater appreciation for nature as well as create impactful, positive change to people’s daily wellness routines,” notes Sarah Irby, Director of U.S. Face Care & Incubation.

To further St. Ives’ commitment to raising awareness of nature and it’s powerful stress-relieving effects, the brand will offer resources with tips for engaging with nature, along with details on the bus locations and stops on the brand’s website.