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Sole Food

There’s something fishy about the latest rage in pedicure treatment. Instead of pumice stones or razors, ladies can now rely on tiny nibbling carp to slough away dead skin. Dozens of “doctor fish” are poured into a personalized pedi-tank to munch away at your calluses, but they won’t ever bite away your live skin because they are toothless. The treatment has previously been popular in Turkey and several Asian countries. It gained momentum in the U.S. when Vanessa Williams’s character Wilhelmina tried the treatment on “Ugly Betty.” And now the Virginia-based salon Yvonne Hair and Nails offers the service. So far, customers give the painless, piscatorial method a thumbs-up. The salon’s owner hopes to turn the nibbling treatment into a full-body experience. Chances are we won’t make a travel for a seaside crunch-and-munch, but if it comes to our ‘hood, we’ll give it a try.