It’s hard to believe, but Spring is almost here! And you’re anything like us, you probably have a little, um, tidying up to do before unleashing your bikini bod. ShaveMate promises to make hair removal a zillion times easier–and more fun–with their new Diva 6 all-in-one razors (Target, $9.99), which come with built-in shaving cream inside the handle! To release the foam, you just press the bottom of the razor. Not only does this genius little invention cut down on shower clutter (honestly, why do shaving cream cans take up so much space!), you also won’t need to pack foam in your gym bag or luggage. Plus, the razors offer the highest blade count on the market, so your legs and bikini area are guaranteed a super-smooth shave. File this one under the list of inventions we wish we’d come up with ourselves. Read More: