Here's How Serena Williams Serves Major Hair Inspiration

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Samantha Callender Aug, 10, 2018

While we’re into watching Serena Williams dominate tennis courts and motherhood, we’ve always been obsessed with her dominating some fierce, full body hairstyles. Williams is a versatile beauty maven, have rocked sleek, blonde, black, textured, and braided styles, though our favorite looks from her are the high texture and high volume.

Aside from being super chic, the looks are also super practical for on-the-go lives or even for someone who is an athlete themselves. If you’re looking for a cute summer style, take notes from our sis, Williams, by clicking through the gallery ahead.


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Sis Serena slayed this ombre texture look on her way to an HBO Red Carpet premiere. We love the full waves and length.

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We love this multi-band look by Serena on the court. Stylish, yet keeps hair perfectly tucked and away from the face.

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This full flowing look is one part goddess, one part lioness. A fitting combination for the fierce player.

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When she isn’t serving dramatic length, Williams loves a good ‘fro. We love this dark and sultry look. Honorable mention: Baby Olympia Ohanian's mini 'fro is also goals.

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This blonde and texture look is a perfect summer look that gives Williams a gorgeous glow.

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These dark, barrel curls give a sexy vibe to the champ's everyday look.

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This pulled and stretched-curls look offers a fun twist on a casual style.

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Serena gives us chic vibes with this super glam look accessorized by a sectioned ponytail.

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This high-drama look was for her appearance in Beyoncé's “Sorry” video. We love the contrast between the smooth front and textured volume in the back. The best of both worlds.

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These adorable pigtail buns give a fun and playful vibe to Serena’s serious game face.

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This textured hair swooped into a cascading ponytail, gorgeously frames Serena’s beat face.

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On the court, Serena kept her tresses out of her face but still looking cute with this look fit for the court.