Due to Covid-19, the current work from home–life balance has been a struggle for many. Considering most of us were away from our homes for the majority of the day, the transition to being cooped up with all of our family members comes with pros and cons.

For work (and life), face-to-face encounters have now been shifted to the computer for virtual hangouts. And while that is an innovative way to make the time pass during this pandemic, it also can harm your eyes. Have you ever wondered where the light headache you get midday is coming from? If you’ve been maintaining a healthy diet and water intake, this feeling can be frustrating. However, a potential problem could be how much time you’re looking at the screen.

Currently smart devices are the only way we can get work done, and unfortunately that may come at the price of our eyes potentially being damaged. Blue light glasses are a solution. If you’ve ever wanted to wear glasses, now is the time. These opticals are nonprescription and provide a lens that protects your eyes from harmful rays from an Ipad, a smartphone or a computer screen.

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During this crisis, the least you can do is take care of your eyes. Scroll through a few chic optical selects below.


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