President Jimmy Carter Recovering From Surgery To Relieve Pressure From Brain
Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Former President Jimmy Carter is reportedly recovering after surgery this morning to relieve pressure on his brain.

According to a statement from the Carter Center, there were no complications from the surgery, which took place at Emory University Hospital, although Carter is expected to stay in the hospital for observation for as long as necessary.

In an earlier press release, the Center acknowledged that the surgery was necessary, due to a subdural hematoma due to his recent falls.

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As NBC News notes, Carter had fallen twice in October – one fall resulting in a fractured pelvis, which was called minor, and in another incident where he had to get stitches in his brow.

The former president, who turned 95 in October, also fell earlier this year in May at his home in Plaints, Georgia, breaking his hip.