Let it be known that New York’s Crosby Street Hotel is the glamorous new in-spot to see, be seen and oh yes, stay if you’re so inclined. In the last two weeks, I’ve caught up with celebs like Halle Berry over coffee, tea and beauty products. The latter saw me settling in over breakfast with the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, who created the beauty campaign for Dolce & Gabbana Cosmetics. McGrath, who’s the image-maker to designers the world over, is also the master behind CoverGirl cosmetics and it’s brilliant color and product entries.

I joined McGrath to discuss spring for the latter and it was just amazing to get an eye-full on what’s ahead. But here and now, know that there was one genius stroke that I was smitten with that’s ready for the taking: layering color over black on lids. It gives an ultra-cool iridescent effect that’s magic on our skin tones. To achieve this look–and know that you’re getting it here first–try CoverGirl’s new Smoky Shadowblast ($7.49)–a duo ended stick that’s a breeze to work. You’ll have to go to covergirl.com to purchase it as they’re so new they’re not even in store yet. Why don’t you work Shadowblast in Purple Plume over your favorite black eyeshadow? You can also work Shadowblast in Onyx as a base and sweep a teal blue powdered shadow over it. Talk about being ahead of the curve!

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