If you’ve ever wondered how Oprah kept her hair in tip-top shape, look no further. Her hairstylist, Andre Walker, recently shared some of the best advice in the hair biz, including one of Oprah’s best-kept hair secrets that has kept her mane silky and healthy for the past 25 years.

Andre’s number one tip for fabulous locks is to accept the hair you’ve been given. “You should know what your hair does best and not try to make it do something it wouldn’t naturally do,” Andre told Elle.com. 

Andre also shared the best way to avoid pesky split ends and dryness. “Using a moisturizing styling cream daily will keep hair soft and manageable while preventing new damage,”  Andre advised.

To keep Oprah’s hair sleek, Andre divulged one of his best secret weapons: argan oil. “Argan oil is a great nutrient for the hair. It gives it a silky quality by filling in broken cuticles, controlling frizz, and making strands reflect light,” Andre professed.

If these tips have kept Oprah looking fabulous for so many years, who can argue with that? 


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