You know how it goes–it’s the first hot Saturday of the year and you’re wearing a sick pair of  strappy wedges, but your feet look like they should be attached to a the body of a professional grape stomper. Ladies, don’t be ashamed! After a winter spent swaddling your feet in wool socks and heavy boots–not to mention neglecting regular pedicures–they’re bound to be rough, ashy, and callus-riddled. The good news? Thanks to self-heating foot scrubs, you can whip your feet into sandal-worthy shape at home! Olay Body Thermal Pedicure ($10) heats up upon contact with water (you can’t imagine how luxurious this feels), while Bora Bora sand sloughs away scaly skin and shea butter leaves your feet looking and feeling silky-smooth. Freeman Bare Foot Self-Warming Foot Scrub in Peppermint & Plum ($3.99) produces a soothing, warming sensation while exfoliating rough spots and revitalizing tired feet with tea tree oil. Get to scrubbing…your feet (and your cute spring sandals) will thank you. Read More: