We happen to enjoy many aspects of the winter (hot cocoa by the fire, cozy cashmere sweaters, no insane pressure to have a flawless pedicure at all times)–but dry, ash-prone skin is not one of them. There’s nothing less attractive than rough, scaly elbows, knees and hands! C.O. Bigelow Lemon Body Cream ($19.50), the newest obsession to hit the Essence.com offices, is an instant cure-all for winter-worn skin. The totally luxurious, fast-absorbing lotion is blended with all kinds of good-for-you moisturizers, like shea butter and kukui nut oil–plus, it’s spiked with a generous amount of lemon oil, which contains skin-brightening vitamin C and has the distinction of making the cream smell like the world’s sexiest lemon meringue pie. For the softest skin, apply it fresh out of the shower, before you dry off. Trust us, you’re skin will thank you. Read More: Office Obsession: La Vanila’s New Aphrodisiac Scent Office Obsession: Michelle Obama’s New Bob Office Obsession: Kerry Washington’s Pale Pink Lips