Niecy Nash’s Advice For A (Very) Happy Marriage

Married now for eight years to husband Jay Tucker, Nash is living in wedded bliss and sharing gems.

Actress and comedian Niecy Nash has been married twice — therefore she’s learned a few things about what it takes to make a marriage successful.

But her major key to remaining in it for the long haul might not be exactly what you would.

“A BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away,” she advises. And then adds, “I said what I said.”

Married now for 8 years to husband Jay Tucker, Nash is living in wedded bliss. “When they see us out in the public, we are exactly the way we are in a curated life on Instagram,” she shares. “People think that we like each other, and that’s because we do.”

“The thing that marriage has taught me about loving someone else, is that love is selfless,” the actress, who wed Tucker in May 2011, explained. “You are not giving a person what’s easy for you to give, you are giving them what’s required.”

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From the outside looking in, juggling a successful career, hit television show, recently Emmy nomination, family and relationship is a breeze for the 40-something year old actress — namely because she makes it look east. But admittedly, Nash says even she has moments where things aren’t always together.

Thankfully, she doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, because things are going to fall through the cracks,” she shares. “You can’t be all things to every area of your life at all times. You just have to make sure it’s not the same thing that’s falling through the cracks every time. And you’ve got to make sure the sex game is poppin’ no matter what.”

Watch the video above to hear more from Nash on her marriage, and be sure to check her out in the Claws Season 3 finale, airing Sunday, August 11, at 9 P.M. EST on TNT!