With the days of summer finally upon us, it’s time to kick off those winter shoes, buy some sexy summer sandals, and start pampering ourselves with a much-deserved ManiPedi. Before you head to the corner salon,

don’t forget the lessons learned this past year from celebrities such as Paula Abdul and Kate Moss, who both contracted serious infections from having their nails done.  Here’s a quick list of do’s and don’ts to ensure your safety:

1) Follow Your Instincts. If a salon looks dirty, it very well could be, and dangerously so. Are there dirty towels on the counters? Does the technician wash his or her hands in between clients? If you’re not sure, leave.

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2) Nail Polish. Remove nail polish after one or two weeks, then wait one or two weeks before reapplying. Polish can create an incubator effect for fungal infections.

3)  Bring Your Own Tools. The best way to protect yourself against dangerous infections is to bring your own tools. This prevents you from getting someone else’s infection from nail tools that are not properly disinfected between customers. We suggest the SaniManiPedi Manicure and Pedicure Kit, $49.95, and SaniManiPedi Liquid Solution, $12.95, available at SaniManiPedi.com

4) Don’t Shave. Do not shave or wax your legs within 24 hours of any foot-spa treatment. Women who shave their legs prior to a pedicure (the morning or night before) are nearly five times more likely to develop an infection.

5) No Razor Blades. Do not let salons use a razor blade to cut off calluses. It is illegal in many states and can spread blood-borne diseases.