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We all know that as Black women, our girlfriends mean a great deal to us. They are our confidantes and often our biggest cheerleaders when we need moral support. So it’s no surprise that when longtime good (no, GREAT) girlfriends, Brandice Daniel and Sybil Amuti, joined Yes, Girl! podcast for a heartfelt conversation, many words of wisdom were dropped on the power of friendship, balance and legacy. 

When asked how they’ve impacted each other’s lives and legacies, the friends of over ten reminisced fondly.

“When I first had my daughter, Sybil gave me so many lessons,” Brandice, founder and president of Harlem’s Fashion Rown, shared. “When Sky was a little baby, she would tell me “Brandice, chill. Relax. Let Rich take care of it. Rich is my husband. And I think that we as women, we’re constantly teaching each other, right? And that has been a lifesaver for me. She looked at me in my eyes and said, “Do you ever want to have a girls’ weekend? Do you ever want to be able to go out? Do you ever want to leave the house? So then, let her cry and let him figure it out.”

Learning to let others help them isn’t all they duo have learned from one another. Taking lessons from their mothers’ values and friendships has proven  impactful as well.

“Through our friendship we’re reminded of what our mothers taught us about loyalty to women and how to honor the person for who they are. How to create connection with women and how to just be with one another,” Sybil, an executive brand strategist and founder added with passion.  

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“Your mom kind of sets the path for how you treat and engage with other people. Not trying to impress someone but being enough in who you are and allowing the right people to come into your world. Because we both came into each other’s world and I don’t think I was in the market for new friends but Brandice fell in my lap, on my sofa. But what it did, it reminded me that you’re always if you give the opportunity and you’re loyal to women – just being loyal with I’m going to trust women, I’m going to love women, I’m going to be available to women – if you keep that kind of heartbeat you’ll always be refreshed with new and exciting and warm people that will continue to empower you as a woman. And I got that from my mom.”

As entrepreneurs in their own right, the pair shared their excitement for the partnership between Pine-Sol and ESSENCE as Pine-Sol is honoring the heritage of Black women by empowering one Black woman entrepreneur with $100,000 to build their business and legacy. 

“First of all, Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs but we’re also the most underfunded group of entrepreneurs,” Brandice Daniel stated. 

“I love that we don’t even wait on the money,” Daniel shared. “As Black women, we take what we have and start something dope based on whatever we got in our account and our friends and family rally around us. So imagine what could happen if we actually had the funding!”

For more information and to enter visit essence.com/yourlegacy