Save the Last Dance turned 20 on Tuesday and actress Kerry Washington commemorated the special occasion by sharing a behind-the-scenes cast photo. 

The Little Fires Everywhere actress took to social media, sharing the photo along with the caption: “Playing Chenille changed my life. I read that script and felt like I knew her. At the time, I also knew the narrative that was being served in culture about who Black teen moms are. And I knew that if done right, this was an opportunity to transform some stereotyped thinking and make this young woman real. And human. And deserving of love and attention.”

Washington starred in the 2001 hit film along with Julia Stiles, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Bianca Lawson.

The Scandal star, who has become known for delivering powerful dialogue across various roles in her career, was also given her flowers on Twitter for her portrayal of Chenille on the movie’s anniversary:

In fact, other classic scenes, like Lawson’s character Nikki “squashing it” in the club and even Sara’s infamous Juilliard audition have made their rounds around the Internet, demonstrating the film’s impact.

Thomas, who starred as Stiles’ love interest in the film, also took to Instagram in celebration, stating: ‘Save the Last Dance premiered 20 years ago and shocked the world, including myself. Never imagined the film would be as beloved as it is.’

Save the Last Dance debuted at number 1 at the box office during its opening weekend, and scooped up several awards including MTV Movie Awards and Teen Choice Awards for the stars’ performances. Even decades later, the coming-of-age dance flick is considered a cult classic and will be treated as such.


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