It fills me with immeasurable honor and pride to help Mikki Taylor, ESSENCE’s Beauty and Cover Director, celebrate thirty years at this groundbreaking magazine. In the three decades that I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mikki, I haven’t met anyone else as passionate about the business of beauty, and who continuously challenges and questions the status quo of what it means to be Black and beautiful. Mikki stands for more than just night cream and microdermabrasion; she’s the consummate advocate of total self-care–body, mind and soul. Like your best girlfriend, she’s offered the most classic, practical and fabulous information to generations of Black women. And like your best girlfriend, you can count on her for candor and honesty. Whenever Mikki comes to visit the IMAN offices, our meetings are more like gab sessions!  We trade beauty secrets, fashion tips, and fill each other in our respective families. Through all of my business ventures, Mikki has always been my biggest cheerleader, covering both my back and my bags (thanks, Mikki, for the continuous IMAN Global Chic coverage!). She’s what makes women fascinating: she’s wise and strategic, but full of sincerity and heart.  Unsolicited, Mikki championed my Cosmetic Executive Women award and for that, I am eternally grateful. It’s one thing to gain recognition from a far-removed counsel, but to receive props from an industry leader and friend is sublime. Whether starring on the reality show, “Makeover Manor,” or writing her best selling book “Self Seduction,” Mikki has illuminated companies on how Black women think and shop, and through that she’s given us a voice and buying power. Mikki, we salute you on your commitment to us, inside and out. Love, Iman fashionweek_logo285x65.jpg