Darlings, I learned years ago not to make resolutions because I somehow end up breaking them and feeling very frustrated. Like when I wanted to stop smoking cigs! Yes, I used to light up (and baby, I looked fab doing it, too…in a movie-stars-from-a-bygone-era kind of way). Mid-March some fourteen years ago, I decided to stop smoking and it happened! Life is about taking steps forward and steps backwards, so I make resolutions all year long–not just on January 1st.

To me, a “fresh start” is all about turning your attention to your own health and happiness. I start my fresh start right during the Christmas holiday, since I’m usually being pampered in some fab getaway, with no mommy duties (like homework, after school activities, play dates etc…), or homemaker duties. I know you’re thinking “homemaker duties? Are we talking about Iman?” But yes, I’m a great homemaker and a talented, resourceful chef–hang on tight, girls, you’ll learn a lot about me in this coming year!

Anyway, this year, our holiday was in Jamaica. Jamaica is so fab…wait, let me rephrase it. Jamaica is a bloody gorgeous place for a vacation! It is not far from New York, but far enough to get a tan and not talk shop. Yes, darlings, even I need a reprise from La Mode. The Spa at Round Hill Resort is a magical, calming old world resort infused with history and very chic Ralph Lauren decor (Ralph has a villa in Round Hill). With its secluded beaches, villas with private pools and exotic aromatic gardens, it makes you want to hide away forever. One by one, all your worries melt away. There’s even an “All About Me” spa treatment for teens…. you’re never too young to destress, right?

Now, my skin is glowing, my tan is golden, my posture is erect and my butt is taut!

Post-holiday, I am back, Black, fierce, refreshed and ready to take on the world… or at least New York.

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