Just when you thought Tyra Banks and her “America’s Next Top Model” franchise couldn’t get any more over-the-top fierce, the stacked supermogul brings us a new cycle of well, recycled, all-star contestants.

Will a 2011 version of Camille’s (cycle 2) “signature walk” emerge? Will we find out who stole Bre’s (cycle 5) granola bars? What will happen when you put Bianca (cycle 9) and Dominique (cycle 10) in a house together?

But most importantly, what high jinx will transgendered model Isis (cycle 11) bring to this juicy new season? Check out this promo clip for a sneak peek (we’re equal parts intrigued and nervous that she’ll crawl out of the TV and pose us to death).

Set your DVRs for the Sept. 14 premiere on The CW.

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