No one tells the story of Black beauty quite like ESSENCE (not to toot our own horn, but… toot!), so who better than the magazine to reveal some insight into the minds of Black beauty shoppers?

ESSENCE launched a research series called “Smart Beauty,” which explores the relationship African-American women have with beauty, so brands can better serve their needs…

This morning, ESSENCE magazine beauty director Corynne Corbett hosted the fifth installment of the ‘Smart Beauty’ series, which looked at the four distinct personality profiles of Black beauty shoppers: Queen Bea (confident leader), Sheree de la Soul (super-fancy trendsetter), Amber B. Free (earthy and “real”) and Jane Jones (beauty newbie).

Corbett also mediated a scintillating panel of industry experts, and revealed these fascinating survey highlights: African American women feel twice as positive about their beauty than the General Market, and they are the most engaged beauty consumers out of all the markets. Most importantly, she explained that though all women are united in wanting to feel beautiful, our beauty needs are not the same, and Black women are hungry for products, formulas and shades that speak to them.  We can only hope that beauty brands are paying attention!